5/6/8/9/10 Oct 2021 – Barcelona – Ballet Preljocaj „Winterreise“

During her creative career, Angelin Preljocaj has enjoyed inspiration from a wide range of sources, including the visual arts, literature, music, politics, and religion, constantly challenging body and movement from observation. of the world and society.

Choreographer music regularly the central pillar of his work, and this time is the starting point for a score of Franz Schubert: The Winter Journey ( Winterreise ): a masterpiece for voice and piano that includes 24 songs composed from the poems of Wilhelm Müller in 1824.

The lieder of the Winterreise creates an intimate atmosphere in the manner of a journey through life itself. A kind of conservatory , but in which you can also see the next seasons.

Twelve dancers express the various facets of this character’s personality and moods to the edge of the world. With this creation, premiered at the Teatro alla Scala in Milan in January 2019, Preljocaj’s gesture and vocabulary amplify the excitement of this great cycle by Schubert.

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